This section contains courses that are specific for those members that are assigned to the Airport Firefighting Stations or members that HFD is maintaining their certification in this discipline.

Members are enrolled into these classes by the Officer in charge of training for this discipline.

OLD-Not Used
Intern Exams
Movement Area Training
SMGCS Training

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Altitude Induced Decompression SicknessInformation
Ventis MX4 2018 (AFCE0053 - July 2018)
Mini-Radiac MonitorInformation
Response to Helicopter Emergencies (AFCE0051 Mar 2018)
Interior Access Vehicle Jan 2018 (AFCE0050 Jan 2018)Information
Scott X380 TIC (AFCE0049 - Nov 2017)Information
2017 ARFF Driver/Operator (AFCE0048 - Sept 2017)Information
HRET July 2017 (AFCE0047 - July 2017)Information
Hydraulic Rescue Tools - Combi Tool & Confined Space CutterInformation
Ventis MX4 (AFCE0045 - Mar 2017)Information
Firefighting Agents (AFCE0044 - Jan 2017)Information
Aircraft Laddering (AFCE0043 - Nov 2016)
2016 ARFF Driver/Operator (AFCE0042 - Sept 2016)Information
HRET - Tactical Advantages and Considerations (AFCE0041 - July 2016)Information
ARFF MCI Trailers (AFCE0040 - May 2016)Information
ARFF Documentation (AFCE0039 - March 2016)Information
ARFF Curriculum Changes for 2016 (AFCE0038 Jan. 2016)Information
Emergency Response and Scene Management Safety (AFCE0037 AF0301 11/2015)Information
Ground Veh. Ops. II (AF0100 AFCE0036 Sept. 2015)Information
Foam Use and Concentration (07/15 AFCE0035)Information

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