This section contains courses that are specific for those members that are assigned to the Hazardous Materials Stations or members that HFD is maintaining their certification in this discipline.

Members are enrolled into these classes by the Officer in charge of training for this discipline.

Hazmat Incident Commander
Incident Command - Managing the Incident
Hazardous Materials Technician 1st ed.

  • Covers the Chemical properties of hazardous materials. This course was designed for the HFD Reserve Techs. It will cover 3 hrs of CE. for 2013 year.

  • Being assigned to the Hazmat team is somewhat like entering a new profession. There is so much technology and and total change in thought process that it is impossible to learn in a very short time. Add to this that HMRT must know and follow certain state and federal guidelines and a new member must wonder where to start. The goal of the New Member Manual which has been issued to you is to help understand the vast amount of information a "bite at a time".

    This quiz is to assist newer members assigned to the team with the first quarter information found in the manual, as well as the "hands on" information that your shift team members have shown you. It is designed to show areas that might need more emphasis placed, as well as areas that you have exelled in. 

    Later quizzes will be added for 2nd and 3rd quarters.

  • This is the first of 2 courses on identifiaction of hazardous material containers. this Series deals with transportation type containers.

  • This course will aid Hazmat Reserve Technicians on best practices for approaching and extinguishment of tank truck fires involving flammable/combustible hydrocarbon fires in aluminun tank trucks.

  • This is the 2nd class for HFD Reserve Techs. The course # is HMR0003, and is worth 4 CE hrs.

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